Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Connie Retiring after 14 years at the helm

Don Pedro’s Kitchen announced today that Consuelo Aceves, its long-time Head of Production, and the person most responsible for the company’s growth in the last few years, is retiring after her meteoric 14 year career at the company.
Ms. Aceves began working at the company in 2005 as receptionist, and very quickly took on duties until she became the highest executive in the company, in charge of operations, purchasing and production.
She was responsible for developing many of the company’s stellar products, its unique production methods and processes, its honest, authentic and happy culture, and for assembling an incredible team dedicated to making outstanding authentic and delicious food products for the Hispanic market.
During her tenure the company grew its revenue 10-fold.
She will remain a Director of the company, and an advisor to the owners on matters of strategy. She will retain her un-official title of “Mother Superior” of the mad house and continue mentoring many of her recruits.
She has said that she will spend her time traveling, reading, learning and she will invest her time and energy in her spiritual pursuits and healing the world, through her philanthropic work here and in Mexico.
Please help us in wishing her well, and expressing our gratitude to her for the many ways in which she has touched our lives through her work, her professionalism, her mentoring, her wisdom and specially her love expressed through great food.
She can continue to be reached at Consuelo@DonPedrosMeat.com


  1. Great post! Don Pedro's was very lucky to have her in the team.

  2. Good luck Connie
    It was a pleasure to meet you!
    You are an amazing person.

  3. Connie, I pray that the Lord will bless you in your new journey and that he will bless everything you do.
    Thank you for all your help and all the years you dedicated to make this company grow.

    God Bless you always


  4. Es un orgullo tanto para la empresa como para la ejecutiva concluir asi una carrera. Felicitaciones a los dos.
    Gustavo Jaramillo Sr.