Monday, February 4, 2013

Cecineros en Accion

I am always in awe of our Cecineros in action. With their long custom-made daggers, they slice the sheets of beef so thin and with such dexterity, that it is incredible they can produce so much of it every week. Every piece of our Cecina is thinly sliced by hand, using excellent quality meats, and salted and semi-cured by hand in the traditional style of Morelos, Mexico.
We make it the same authentic way they make it in Mexico, except that we use higher quality meats, in a temperature controlled environment and we pack it in vacuum bags to ensure its freshness.
Our Ingredients are: Beef, Salt and Vegetable Oil. That's it!
We make our Cecina fresh every day, to order. Enjoy this virtual visit of our plant.