Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mr. Jesus Cardenas Sr. In Memoriam

One of the great leaders in our industry, Mr. Jesus Cardenas Sr. passed away this week. His story is another one of those inspirational entrepreneurial lives that we admire.
Mr. Cardenas migrated to the U.S. from Mexico in the 50's and worked hard as a field laborer. In the 70's him and his wife Luz, began raising pigs in a small piece of land they bought, and in 1981 they opened their first store. They have been growing ever since, and with the help of his children, he built one of the most successful privately-owned companies in the Inland Empire. Cardenas Markets has 29 stores with over 3,000 employees and over $800 million in sales.
But more than the economic success he achieved in his 73 years of life, he left behind, for all of us, a wonderful example of hard work, of care for the customer, and an adherence to the principles of authenticity and good food that makes our business so fun and wonderful. He also built a wonderful family of very smart, hard working and fun loving children, who are very much involved in the business and inherited his work-ethic and his commercial smarts. He also leaves a great legacy in the communities his company served. Cardenas Markets are a pillar of the neighborhoods they serve and their customers love them.
One thing that you can always count on at any Cardenas Markets is finding truly delicious and authentic Hispanic foods, and excellent service in all their departments.
We wish Chuy Cardenas Jr., his son and our friend, Jose, Lupe, George, Dona Luz, and the rest of the family our sincere condolences.